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Quest nameLevelCategoryDetailed
Intro: A Strong Voice1IntroductionEdit quest
Intro: Amdir's Request1IntroductionEdit quest
Intro: Befouled Pool1IntroductionEdit quest
Intro: Dead-eye1IntroductionEdit quest
Intro: Disarming the Competition1IntroductionEdit quest
Intro: Elrond's Premonition1IntroductionEdit quest
Intro: Fire of Old1IntroductionEdit quest
Intro: Return from the Lonely Mountain1IntroductionEdit quest
Intro: Thigh to Neck1IntroductionEdit quest
Ithildín Coin1SpecialEdit quest
Ithildín Coin (Repeatable)1SpecialEdit quest
Materials for our Weapons1Ered LuinEdit quest
Predators in the Valley1Ered LuinEdit quest
Ranger in the Ettenmoors1EttenmoorsEdit quest
Seeds of the Past1IntroductionEdit quest
Skip Tutorial1Ered LuinEdit quest
Stocking the Pond1FestivalEdit quest
The Green Challenge1Inn LeagueEdit quest
Troves and Trickery -- Bree1FestivalEdit quest
Troves and Trickery -- Duillond1FestivalEdit quest
Troves and Trickery -- the Shire1FestivalEdit quest
Troves and Trickery -- Thorin's Hall1FestivalEdit quest
Wood for the Fire1Ered LuinEdit quest
A Word of Warning2Ered LuinEdit quest
Collared2Ered LuinEdit quest
Cooper and Cask2Ered LuinEdit quest
Free Range (Repeatable)2ShireEdit quest
In Defence of the Forest2Ered LuinEdit quest
Intro: A Guardian's Shield Swipe2IntroductionEdit quest
Intro: A Guardian's Sweeping Cut2IntroductionEdit quest
Intro: A Hunter's Penetrating Shot2IntroductionEdit quest
Intro: A Hunter's Swift Bow2IntroductionEdit quest
Intro: A Lore-master's Companion2IntroductionEdit quest
Intro: A Lore-master's Fire-lore2IntroductionEdit quest
Intro: A Minstrel's Ballads2IntroductionEdit quest
Intro: A Minstrel's Piercing Shout2IntroductionEdit quest
Intro: A Rune-keeper's Ceaseless Argument2IntroductionEdit quest
Intro: A Rune-keeper's Shocking Words2IntroductionEdit quest
Intro: A Warden's Deft Strike2IntroductionEdit quest
Intro: A Warden's Shield Bash2IntroductionEdit quest
Intro: Captain Brackenbrook2IntroductionEdit quest
Intro: Guards of the Silver Deep2IntroductionEdit quest
Intro: Honing Your Skills2IntroductionEdit quest
Intro: Meditating on the Past2IntroductionEdit quest
Intro: Sharpen Your Skills2IntroductionEdit quest
Intro: Silver-lined Cure2IntroductionEdit quest
Intro: The Halls of Edhelion2IntroductionEdit quest
Intro: The Thrill of the Fight2IntroductionEdit quest
Restoring the Balance2Ered LuinEdit quest
The Lost Lore of Edhelion2Ered LuinEdit quest
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