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Quest nameLevelCategoryDetailed
Intro: The Halls of Edhelion2IntroductionEdit quest
Intro: The Thrill of the Fight2IntroductionEdit quest
Restoring the Balance2Ered LuinEdit quest
The Lost Lore of Edhelion2Ered LuinEdit quest
When Predator Becomes Prey2Ered LuinEdit quest
Wolves of Nen Hilith2Ered LuinEdit quest
A Feathered Nuisance3Ered LuinEdit quest
Beyond the Bulwarks3Bree-landEdit quest
Intro: Gormr's Deeds3IntroductionEdit quest
Intro: Plague Among the Trees3IntroductionEdit quest
Intro: Remedy of the Old Kings3IntroductionEdit quest
Intro: Seeing to the Defence3IntroductionEdit quest
Intro: The Longbeards3IntroductionEdit quest
Intro: The Spies3IntroductionEdit quest
Lady of the Flies3IntroductionEdit quest
Question the Prisoner3Bree-landEdit quest
Scouting the Ruins3IntroductionEdit quest
Skimming the Surface3IntroductionEdit quest
The Jailor3IntroductionEdit quest
The Quartermaster3IntroductionEdit quest
A Deadly Bloom4Ered LuinEdit quest
Fresh Supplies4Bree-landEdit quest
Intro: Goblin Prowlers4IntroductionEdit quest
Intro: Hill-dwelling Menace4IntroductionEdit quest
Intro: The Captain's Son4IntroductionEdit quest
Stocking the Larder4Ered LuinEdit quest
A Cause for Concern5Ered LuinEdit quest
A New Shine5Ered LuinEdit quest
A Threat from Spiders5Bree-landEdit quest
Builders, Bookworms and Blacksmiths5CraftingEdit quest
Crafting: Michel Delving Craft-fair5CraftingEdit quest
Evil at Dol Ringwest5Ered LuinEdit quest
Fear of Collapse5Ered LuinEdit quest
Fish-tales5SpecialEdit quest
Frostmantle5Ered LuinEdit quest
Inn League Initiation -- Bird and Baby5FestivalEdit quest
Inn League Initiation -- Floating Log5FestivalEdit quest
Inn League Initiation -- Golden Perch5FestivalEdit quest
Inn League Initiation -- Green Dragon5FestivalEdit quest
Inn League Initiation -- Ivy Bush5FestivalEdit quest
Inn League Initiation -- Party Tree5FestivalEdit quest
Inn League Initiation -- Plough and Stars5FestivalEdit quest
Instance: Skorgrím's Tomb5IntroductionEdit quest
Instance: The Assault on Archet5IntroductionEdit quest
Intro: Skorgrím's Tomb5IntroductionEdit quest
Intro: Goblins in the Crags5IntroductionEdit quest
Intro: The Assault on Archet5IntroductionEdit quest
Intro: The Blackwolds' Roost5IntroductionEdit quest
Intro: The Storm is Upon Us5IntroductionEdit quest
Old Bloodtusk5Bree-landEdit quest
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