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Quest nameLevelCategoryDetailed
Clear the Roads7Ered LuinEdit quest
Close Up Their Burrows7ShireEdit quest
Crafting: Strong of Arm and Sharp of Mind7CraftingEdit quest
Cutting Cords7Ered LuinEdit quest
Fallen Apples7ShireEdit quest
Finding Reason7Bree-landEdit quest
Gleaning the Field7Ered LuinEdit quest
Goblins in the South7Ered LuinEdit quest
Herding Cats7Ered LuinEdit quest
Hunting Goblins7Ered LuinEdit quest
Join the Bounders7ShireEdit quest
Lobelia's Pie7ShireEdit quest
Message to Taylor Green7Bree-landEdit quest
Need of a Cask7Ered LuinEdit quest
Pie for The Green Dragon7ShireEdit quest
Quenching a Thirst7Ered LuinEdit quest
Rescue Dora's Chickens7ShireEdit quest
Return the Cask7Ered LuinEdit quest
Spoiled Pie from Michel Delving7ShireEdit quest
Spoiled Pie from Needlehole7ShireEdit quest
The Bird and Baby7ShireEdit quest
The Flow to Noglond7Ered LuinEdit quest
The Second Gear7Ered LuinEdit quest
Villains in the Vale7Ered LuinEdit quest
Vol. I, Prologue, Mundo's Complaint7Epic - Vol. I, PrologueEdit quest
Vol. I, Prologue, The Wrath of the Elves7Epic - Vol. I, PrologueEdit quest
Wolves At Waymeet7ShireEdit quest
Adelard's Chapter8ShireEdit quest
Builder Earur8Bree-landEdit quest
Bundle for Hobbiton8ShireEdit quest
Bundle for Michel Delving8ShireEdit quest
Bundle for Tuckborough8ShireEdit quest
Den of Wolves8Bree-landEdit quest
Eggs for Gammer Tunnelly8ShireEdit quest
Gerebert Misses a Meal8ShireEdit quest
Hallowed Ground8Ered LuinEdit quest
Into Bree8Bree-landEdit quest
Longo's Leaf-waggon8ShireEdit quest
Needlehole Watch8ShireEdit quest
On to Staddle8Bree-landEdit quest
Pickthorn's Treasure8Bree-landEdit quest
Refurbishing the Town Hole8ShireEdit quest
Rurik Fennel, Locksmith8Bree-landEdit quest
Spoiled Pie from Tuckborough8ShireEdit quest
The Founding Writ8ShireEdit quest
The Logger's Ledger8Bree-landEdit quest
The Wolf in Exile8ShireEdit quest
Vol. I, Prologue, An Urgent Summons8Epic - Vol. I, PrologueEdit quest
Vol. I, Prologue, Finding Amdir8Epic - Vol. I, PrologueEdit quest
Vol. I, Prologue, Flourdumpling's Stand8Epic - Vol. I, PrologueEdit quest
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