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Quest nameLevelCategoryDetailed
Miners of the Forty-nine65Isendeep MineEdit quest
Miraculous Growth65EnedwaithEdit quest
Miraculous Growth -- Repeatable65EnedwaithEdit quest
Mouth of Shadow65EttenmoorsEdit quest
Much-needed Supplies65EnedwaithEdit quest
Mysterious Residue65EnedwaithEdit quest
Nár Sends His Regards65EnedwaithEdit quest
Not Just for Eating65EttenmoorsEdit quest
Notice of the First Marshal65EttenmoorsEdit quest
Notice of the Second Marshal65EttenmoorsEdit quest
Oil for Boiling65Tol AscarnenEdit quest
Oil for the Cauldron of Lugazag65LugazagEdit quest
Oil for the Cauldron of Tirith Rhaw65Tirith RhawEdit quest
Oil Up65Tirith RhawEdit quest
Oil Well65LugazagEdit quest
One Fell Swoop65Dungeons of Dol GuldurEdit quest
Our Friends in Hoarhallow65EttenmoorsEdit quest
Patching the Holes65EttenmoorsEdit quest
Pillar of Strength65Tol AscarnenEdit quest
Pillars of Another Age65MirkwoodEdit quest
Pleased to Make an Acquaintance65EnedwaithEdit quest
Poisoning the Hoardale65EttenmoorsEdit quest
Protecting the Herd -- Repeatable65EnedwaithEdit quest
Protectors of Thangúlhad -- Daily65SkirmishEdit quest
Quelling the Riot65MirkwoodEdit quest
Raid: Captain-General Bordagor65GrimwoodEdit quest
Raid: Captain-General Harvestgain65LugazagEdit quest
Raid: Captain-General Lainedhel of Ost Ringdyr65EttenmoorsEdit quest
Raid: Captain-General Mákan of Tol Ascarnen65Tol AscarnenEdit quest
Raid: Captain-General Meldún of Isendeep65Isendeep MineEdit quest
Raid: Culling the Brood65EttenmoorsEdit quest
Raid: Grounding Golloval65Isendeep MineEdit quest
Raid: Tyrant Barashish65EttenmoorsEdit quest
Raid: Tyrant Bûrzgoth65EttenmoorsEdit quest
Raid: Tyrant Durgrat65EttenmoorsEdit quest
Raid: Tyrant Gundzor65EttenmoorsEdit quest
Raid: Tyrant Tharbil65EttenmoorsEdit quest
Raid: Tyrant Trintrû65EttenmoorsEdit quest
Reaping the Snow and Cold65EttenmoorsEdit quest
Reducing the Threat -- Repeatable65EnedwaithEdit quest
Relics of the Fallen65EnedwaithEdit quest
Remnants of the Past65EnedwaithEdit quest
Repel the Reinforcements65MirkwoodEdit quest
Report to Dâr-gazag, Maggot65EttenmoorsEdit quest
Report to Lugazag65EttenmoorsEdit quest
Rescue in Nûrz Ghâshu -- Daily65SkirmishEdit quest
Resting Place65EnedwaithEdit quest
Rise of the Fallen Son65EnedwaithEdit quest
Rituals of the Forest65EnedwaithEdit quest
Rituals of the Forest - Creeping Moss65EnedwaithEdit quest
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