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Pillars of Another Age

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Himeinior (NPC)

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Among the ruins outside Sâd Doldúr, there are a number of ancient pillars that have resided in this area for a number of years. These stones are ancient and may lead to valuable clues about exactly what is happening to the Ashenslades.

Objective 1
The ancient pillars can be located among the ruins of Sâd Doldúr, which can be found by following the path below, down the mountain until you reach the ruins proper. There are three pillars, located in the northern, central, and southern portions of the ruins.

The cairn stones located among the ruins appear to be resistant to the blight that is sweeping the area. Himeinior asked you to travel to each of these locations and examine the pillars.
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Objective 2
Himeinior is at the camp near Barad Angol upon the hill, north of the pillars.

After examining the ancient pillars, you did not see any sign of corruption or taint. Return to Barad Angol and report this to Himeinior.
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