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Quest nameLevelCategoryDetailed
Resting Place65EnedwaithEdit quest
Rise of the Fallen Son65EnedwaithEdit quest
Rituals of the Forest65EnedwaithEdit quest
Rituals of the Forest - Creeping Moss65EnedwaithEdit quest
Rituals of the Forest - Mistletoe65EnedwaithEdit quest
Rituals of the Forest - Oaken Limbs65EnedwaithEdit quest
Rituals of the Forest - Skin of Wood65EnedwaithEdit quest
Rockwithers' Horn65Tol AscarnenEdit quest
Rout Gâthlata65MirkwoodEdit quest
Ruin the Stockpile65MirkwoodEdit quest
Ruins of Ost Ringdyr65EttenmoorsEdit quest
Sacred Bull65EnedwaithEdit quest
Savage Hunters65EnedwaithEdit quest
Scour the Walls Clean65Tol AscarnenEdit quest
Scouring the Wood65EnedwaithEdit quest
Scout Ânug-stazg65MirkwoodEdit quest
Scout Gwâl Draig65EnedwaithEdit quest
Scouting Ânghum-maudhûl65MirkwoodEdit quest
Scouting in Force65MirkwoodEdit quest
Scouting the Stores65MirkwoodEdit quest
Scratching the Surface65MirkwoodEdit quest
Searching for Signs65EnedwaithEdit quest
Sending a Message65MirkwoodEdit quest
Sentries of Dol Guldur65MirkwoodEdit quest
Sergeant-at-Arms' Patches65EttenmoorsEdit quest
Servants of the Master65EnedwaithEdit quest
Set in Stone65LugazagEdit quest
Shadows of Fear65EnedwaithEdit quest
Shadows of Fear -- Repeatable65EnedwaithEdit quest
Shafts for Arrows65EttenmoorsEdit quest
Shards of Light65EnedwaithEdit quest
Shatter Their Blades65Tol AscarnenEdit quest
Shattered Engines65MirkwoodEdit quest
Siege of Gondamon -- Daily65SkirmishEdit quest
Sigil of the Rhi Helvarch65EnedwaithEdit quest
Sign of the Malledhrim65MirkwoodEdit quest
Sign of the White Hand65EnedwaithEdit quest
Signs Among the Ashes65EnedwaithEdit quest
Silence the Sentries65EnedwaithEdit quest
Slaughter the Free People65EttenmoorsEdit quest
Slaughtering Eagles65Isendeep MineEdit quest
Source of the Unrest65EnedwaithEdit quest
Spider Harvesters65GrimwoodEdit quest
Stand at Amon Sûl -- Daily65SkirmishEdit quest
Stem the Tide65MirkwoodEdit quest
Sticks and Stones65EttenmoorsEdit quest
Stonewall Fandmau65Tirith RhawEdit quest
Stoors for the Winter65EnedwaithEdit quest
Stoors for the Winter -- Repeatable65EnedwaithEdit quest
Stop the Spread65MirkwoodEdit quest
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