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Shatter Their Blades

Starting at:

Soldier Glat (Uruk)

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Quest Description:

Angmar seeks to reinforce Tol Ascarnen, employing the assistance of goblin-archers, who hide behind the walls and launch deadly attacks at the Free Peoples foolish enough to enter the tunnel leading to the inner courtyard.

Objective 1
The Free Peoples carry weapons from which the blades can be taken and used to craft crossbow bolts. The Free Peoples can be found at any of the locations they control, including the encampment south of Tol Ascarnen.

In an effort to better fortify Tol Ascarnen, the War-tyrant has called to the goblins at Grothum and told his soldiers to craft bolts for the goblins to shoot into the tunnel at the mouth of the keep. Glat has left the task of obtaining the blades of the Free Peoples to you.
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