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Vol. I, Prologue, Finding Amdir

Starting at:

Toradan (NPC), Toradan (NPC)

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Quest Description:

The stranger that summoned you was a kinsman of Amdir who is seeking the missing Ranger.

Objective 1
Constable Underhill can be found outside The Comb and Wattle Inn in Combe.

Toradan has asked you to speak with Constable Underhill to learn ways of finding the Blackwolds' hideout. He is certain Amdir will be found among them.
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Objective 2
Many of the scattered Blackwolds dwell in the hills east of Combe.

Following Toradan's advice, you spoke with Constable Underhill about the Blackwold brigands. The hobbit constable suggests that you search amongst the campfires of the Blackwolds to the east of Combe for one of the brigand agent's letters.
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Objective 3
Constable Underhill awaits your return near Combe centre, outside The Comb and Wattle Inn.

Searching through a pack found near a small encampment of Blackwolds, you found a letter from the Blackwold agent. You should return to Constable Underhill with the letter.
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