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Intro: Thigh to Neck

Starting at:

Roscoe Standish (NPC)

NPC: Roscoe Standish (NPC) image 1 thumbnail 
thanks to: Silriel
NPC: Roscoe Standish (NPC) image 2 thumbnail 
thanks to: Silriel
Quest Description:

Your trainer wants you to use your new skills to prove that you are ready to face the many dangers that exist in the world.

Objective 1
You should speak with the trainer again and learn the skill Shield Bash. Use your new skill on the training-dummy nearby.

NOTE: Use the trainer and select Train Warden Skills to open the skill selection panel. Left-click on a skill to highlight it and then left-click the Train button at the bottom of the skill selection panel -- or double-click the skill -- and you will successfully purchase the skill.
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Quest: Intro: Thigh to Neck, objective 1 image 474 thumbnail 
thanks to: Beleglin

Objective 2
The Warden Trainer is in Archet, west of the training grounds.

Now that you have successfully used your newly-learned skill, you should return to your trainer and tell him of your success.
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