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Intro: Amdir's Request

Starting at:

Kate Henseed (NPC)

NPC: Kate Henseed (NPC) image 1 thumbnail 
thanks to: Silriel
Quest Description:

After rescuing you from the Blackwold brigands and a mysterious Black Rider, the Ranger Amdir brought you to the village of Archet in the Chetwood, east of Bree-town. The town, under threat of attack, prepares a defence against the Blackwolds.

Objective 1
Amdir may be found resting on the ground near the centre of Archet, outside The Mad Badger Inn.

The Ranger Amdir has spread word that he wishes to speak with you.
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Quest: Intro: Amdir's Request, objective 1 image 50 thumbnail 
thanks to: Beleglin
Quest: Intro: Amdir's Request, objective 1 image 51 thumbnail 
thanks to: Beleglin

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