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Intro: A Rune-keeper's Shocking Words

Starting at:

Lennasthrieln (NPC)

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Quest Description:

Your trainer wants you to use your new skills to prove that you are ready to face the many dangers that exist in the world.

Objective 1
Speak with the trainer again and learn the skill Shocking Words. Use your new skill on the training-dummy nearby.

NOTE: Use the trainer and select Train Rune-keeper Skills to open the skill selection panel. Left-click on a skill to highlight it and then left-click the Train button at the bottom of the skill selection panel, or double-click the skill, and you will successfully purchase the skill.


Runekeepers require Battle Attunement to use offensive skills, and Healing Attunement to cast healing spells. Attunement is raised or lowered through the use of similar skills. Offensive Skills typically have Red backgrounds, and Healing skills typically have Green backgrounds. Use your offensive skills to raise your Battle Attunement to three and then use your Shocking Words skill.
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Objective 2
Now that you have successfully used your newly-learned skill, return to your trainer and tell her of your success.
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Objective 3
Dorongúr Whitethorn is in Edhelion.

You should make your way to Dorongúr Whitethorn and tell him that you have finished your meditation and have prepared yourself for battle.
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