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Quest nameLevelCategoryDetailed
In Honour of Love Deferred60Lothlórien Edit quest
In Memory of the Lost60Lothlórien Edit quest
In Too Deep60Moria Lower Deeps Edit quest
Infected Kergrim-samples60Moria Lower Deeps Edit quest
Infected Samples60Moria Lower Deeps Edit quest
Infestation60Moria Lower Deeps Edit quest
Insects among the Dying60Moria Lower Deeps Edit quest
Instance: A Cornered Foe60Mirkwood Edit quest
Instance: Starlight and Shadows60Mirkwood Edit quest
Instance: The Battle of Lórien60Lothlórien Edit quest
Instance: The Fall of Moria60Moria Edit quest
Instance: The Library of Steel60Moria Edit quest
Instance: The Narrow Way60Mirkwood Edit quest
Instance: The Spider-nest60Moria Edit quest
Into the Savage Dark60Moria Lower Deeps Edit quest
Invasive Hunters60Lothlórien Edit quest
Kergrim-leaders60Moria Lower Deeps Edit quest
Kill it with Fire60Moria Lower Deeps Edit quest
Lanterns Aglow60Lothlórien Edit quest
Leaders of the Hosts60Moria Lower Deeps Edit quest
Legendary Sentinel's Challenge60Lothlórien Edit quest
Lembas for the Gates60Lothlórien Edit quest
Life From the Dead60Moria Lower Deeps Edit quest
Looting Bolg Maufulug60Lothlórien Edit quest
Looting Drûmaudhul60Lothlórien Edit quest
Looting Mokûrz Gundul60Lothlórien Edit quest
Looting Nardur-stazg60Lothlórien Edit quest
Lord and Lady of the Golden Wood60Lothlórien Edit quest
Lothlórien Preparations I60Lothlórien Edit quest
Lothlórien Preparations II60Lothlórien Edit quest
Lothlórien Preparations III60Lothlórien Edit quest
Lothlórien Preparations IV60Lothlórien Edit quest
Lucky the Arrow that Kills Twice60Lothlórien Edit quest
Lumul-nar: Smothering the Sun60Dungeons of Lothlórien Edit quest
Lumul-nar: The Bane of Illumination60Dungeons of Lothlórien Edit quest
Lumul-nar: The Lesser Rings60Dungeons of Lothlórien Edit quest
Lurking in the Shadows60Moria Lower Deeps Edit quest
Malbrethil Saplings60Lothlórien Edit quest
Master of the Dark60Moria Lower Deeps Edit quest
Masters of War60Moria Edit quest
Meat for the Spit60Lothlórien Edit quest
Mekeb-farak: A Good Book60Moria Upper Levels Edit quest
Mekeb-farak: Closing the Books60Moria Upper Levels Edit quest
Mekeb-farak: Read and Ransack60Moria Upper Levels Edit quest
Midnight Raid60Eregion Edit quest
Mockery60Lothlórien Edit quest
Mourning Mithrandir60Lothlórien Edit quest
Nalâ-dûm Menace of Nalâ-dûm60Dungeons of Lothlórien Edit quest
Nalâ-dûm: An Abundance of Grime60Dungeons of Lothlórien Edit quest
Nalâ-dûm: Hard-plated Armour60Dungeons of Lothlórien Edit quest
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