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Mourning Mithrandir

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Demlindeth (NPC)

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Quest Description:

Gandalf the Grey fell in Moria, and his loss has been felt by many of the Elves he once knew.

Objective 1
Losdirith watches the gate to the garden of Lady Galadriel, south along the path from the pavilion where Demlindeth sings songs of mourning.

Demlindeth has asked you to speak words of comfort to Losdirith, who has been acting strangely in the wake of Mithrandir's passing.
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Objective 2
Telain Neduil consists of a series of flets north-west of Galadriel's Garden in Caras Galadhon, and the leaves grow over the edge of one of its flets.

Losdirith wants you to stand at the place he saw in his dream, within the canopy of leaves that cover part of a flet in Telain Neduil, and to look for Gandalf.
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Objective 3
Losdirith is outside the entrance to Galadriel's Garden.

Losdirith will want to hear what you saw when you looked through the canopy of leaves at Telain Neduil, even if it is not what he hoped.
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