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Lucky the Arrow that Kills Twice

Starting at:

Celegúien (NPC)

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Quest Description:

Celegúien has asked you to recover arrows of the Galadhrim archers that have already been used to slay Orcs on the outskirts of the Golden Wood.

Objective 1
Orc corpses are strewn along the north and south borders of Lórien, east of Echad Andestel.

Celegúien has asked you to find the bodies of Orcs slain by arrows along the outskirts of Lórien, and warned you against getting too close to the border. She wants you to recover the arrows so that they may be used again against the Orcs.
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Objective 2
Celegúien is in Echad Andestel, the camp along the banks of Nimrodel, west of the border of Lórien.

You have recovered arrows from the slain Orcs along the border of Lórien, and should bring them now to Celegúien.
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