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The Yule Celebration of Winter-home

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You have arrived at Winter-home, and the Town Crier has offered to give you a tour of the many sights to be seen.

Starts at: Albert Yule

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thanks to: Beleglin
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thanks to: Beleglin
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thanks to: Beleglin


Objective 1.
The mayor and his wife, hosts of the Yule Fes
… (read full)
Objective 2.
The mayor’s wife is standing near the mayor,
… (read full)
Objective 3.
Cecil Voller is at the Snowball Field, north
… (read full)
Objective 4.
The town of Winter-home is south of the Snowb
… (read full)
Objective 5.
Guard Kember can be found near the front gate
… (read full)
Objective 6.
The hobbit-announcer pf the travelling theate
… (read full)
Objective 7.
The Eating Contest begins at Ona Kay, the fir
… (read full)
Objective 8.
The road ahead of you looks interesting; you
… (read full)
Objective 9.
A man standing near Gareth Rust beckons you.Y
… (read full)
Objective 10.
Mayor Goodnough is in the centre of town.You
… (read full)
Given by
Albert Yule
Level 10
Min Level 5
Yule Festival
Repeatable No
Faction FrP
Instanced No


Lorebook Link


2x Yule Festival Token

Money: 90c

XP: 344

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