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Optional Objective: Key Locations

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In the short-lived time before Rhudaur fell beneath the sway of Angmar, there were three champions and a king who led the Men of Rhudaur with honour and justice. In the Arboretum, the three were interred in a place where the peaceful woods would watch over them and the people could visit them in quiet reflection.


Objective 1.
The Garth Agarwen Arboretum was home to many
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  • Step 1.
  • Step 2. Discover the Memorial of Nailion
  • Step 3. Discover the Stone of Mingond
  • Step 4. Discover Fuirvaw’s resting place
  • Step 5. Discover Hargam’s resting place
  • Step 6. Discover Halvegil’s resting place
Garth Agarwen
Level 32
Min Level 27
Repeatable Yes
Faction FrP
Instanced No

Lorebook Link


29 68

+900 with The Eglain

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