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A Message of Thanks

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Your assistance with Dwalin against the foes, Ivar the Blood-hand, Skórgrim and the Angmarim has not gone unnoticed. The Lord of the Longbeards sent you a missive which he hopes will bring you favour.

Starts at: Letter of Commendation (Item)

thanks to: Silriel


Objective 1.
Deliver the letter of thanks to Laenin the Gl
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thanks to: Silriel
thanks to: Silriel

Additional Information

  • Silriel comments: You can also deliver the letter to Bogi Deepdelver
Ered Luin
Given by
Letter of Commendation (Item)
Level 1
Min Level 1
Repeatable No
Instanced No

Lorebook Link


Token of Salutation (x5)

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