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Strength of the Earth

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Having discovered the signs of foul play among the nearby Orc-horde, Armbeald has asked you to seek out Frosti Groundshaker, a wise fellow who is learned in many lores, to discover more about White Hand Orcs and their behaviour.

Starts at: Armbeald (NPC)


Objective 1.
Frosti Groundshaker is in Thorin’s Hall, by t
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  • Step 1. Give the items to Frosti Groundshaker in Thorin’s Hall
  • Step 2. Turn in A dwarf-skull
  • Step 3. Turn in A yellowed dwarf-tooth
  • Step 4. Turn in A chipped dwarf-tooth
  • Step 5. Turn in A stained dwarf-tooth
  • Step 6. Turn in A flat dwarf-tooth
Objective 2.
Armbeald is at the Orc-Watch in the Redhorn L
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  • Step 1. Return to Armbeald in the Redhorn Lodes
  • Step 2. Turn in An Effigy
Given by
Armbeald (NPC)
Level 58
Min Level 58
The Path of the Trapper
Repeatable No
Faction FrP
Instanced No


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