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Steps of the Grand Stair

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The Grand Stair once stood at the foot of a great crossroads within Moria. At the height of the great city, it led to all areas of the halls and was a majestic wonder to behold. Now it has fallen to the care of Igash, a lieutenant of the Moria Orc-leader Mazog. Igash assembled the forces of Orcs and trolls within Moria in one place and has collected tribute from each to one day bring to the leader of the Orcs. For now, each tribe vies for favour from the lieutenant, a fanatical follower of Mazog.

Starts at: Avar (NPC)


Objective 1.
Avar, Ossur, and Thithrand are at the Orc-wat
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  • Step 1. Assist Ossur with the trolls in the Grand Stair
  • Step 2. Assist Ossur with the Fire-orcs in the Grand Stair
  • Step 3. Assist Avar with the Moria Orcs in the Grand Stair
  • Step 4. Assist Thithrand with the Warg-riders in the Grand Stair
  • Step 5. Assist Thithrand with the White Hand Orcs in the Grand Stair
Objective 2.
Avar is at the Orc-watch.The dwarves of the O
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  • Step 1. Talk to Avar at the Orc-watch
Moria Central Halls
Given by
Avar (NPC)
 10.98S, 106.77W
Moria >> Zelem-melek
Level 58
Min Level 57
The Grand Stair
Repeatable No
Faction FrP
Instanced No


Lorebook Link


44 24

Simple Heritage Rune of Legend

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