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Nightmares in the Abyss

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In the deepest sections of Moria, there are strange and frightening creatures. Veúlfur dispatched a host of his finest agents to the Shadowed Refuge to meet up with a company of Elves there to investigate rumours of the deep dark.

Starts at: Veúlfur (NPC)


Objective 1.
Mallas, Throstur, and Gelirwen are at the Sha
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  • Step 1. Assist Mallas with his efforts at the Sixteenth Hall
  • Step 2. Assist Mallas with his efforts at Skûmfil
  • Step 3. Assist Throstur with his efforts at Skûmfil
  • Step 4. Assist Gelirwen with her efforts at the Dark Delvings
Objective 2.
Veúlfur is at the Twenty-first hall, north-we
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  • Step 1. Return to Veúlfur at the Twenty-first Hall
Moria Lower Deeps
Given by
Veúlfur (NPC)
Level 60
Min Level 58
Nightmares of the Deep
Repeatable No
Faction FrP
Instanced No


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56 70

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