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Making Mischief

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You will earn the respect of Gareth Rust if you manage to make trouble at the Festival.

Starts at: Gareth Rust

NPC: Gareth Rust image 1 thumbnail 
thanks to: Beleglin
NPC: Gareth Rust image 2 thumbnail 
thanks to: Beleglin
NPC: Gareth Rust image 3 thumbnail 
thanks to: Beleglin


Objective 1.
The fireworks are stored at the top of the st
… (read full)
Objective 2.
Many wealthy patrons have been distracted by
… (read full)
Objective 3.
Gareth Rust is in the worker’s area in winter
… (read full)
  • Step 1. Return to Gareth Rust with the pilfered coins

Additional Information

  • Beleglin comments: Some of the other players might have previously used the fireworks and they might be on a short cooldown. Have patience and the fireworks will become available for setting off again shortly.
Given by
Gareth Rust
Level 10
Min Level 10
Yule Festival
Repeatable Yes
Faction FrP
Instanced No


Lorebook Link


4x Frostbluff Coins

Money: 90c

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