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Instance: The Training Hall

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A disciplined war-band of Moria Orcs has taken up residence in one of the old armoury halls and is using it as a training hall in preparation for their next offensive against the dwarves. If you are to reach the old weapons forge within that hall and empower the infused garnet you carry, you shall have to win your way past the Orcs.


Objective 1.
You must defeat the Orkish recruits before th
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  • Step 1. Defeat Orkish recruits
  • Step 2. Defeat the Uruk Battle-master
Objective 2.
Use the ancient forge to empower your infused
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  • Step 1. Use Ancient Anvil
  • Step 2. Turn in Infused Garnet
Level 54
Min Level 49
Repeatable No
Faction FrP
Instanced Yes


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