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Instance: The Refuge of Edhelion

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While visiting the refuge of Edhelion on a sojourn from your woodland home, the refuge was attacked by a clan of dwarves called the Dourhands. These dwarves are led by Skorgrím, a vicious dwarf intent on taking the treasures of Edhelion for himself.nnIn the initial attack, the dwarves broke through the refuge’s defences, but the elves rallied and pushed the dwarves back.


Objective 1.
Speak to Talagan, the Master of the Refuge.In
… (read full)
  • Step 1. Talk to Talagan Silvertongue
Objective 2.
Once you have gathered Haerandir’s weapon, sp
… (read full)
  • Step 1. After arming yourself, speak to Talagan Silvertongue
Objective 3.
Follow Edhelben as he directs you to the cour
… (read full)
  • Step 1. Follow Edhelben
Objective 4.
Fight your way to the courtyard of Edhelion.
  • Step 1. Defeat invaders
Objective 5.
Now that you’ve reached the courtyard of Edhe
… (read full)
  • Step 1. Follow Dorongúr Whitethorn
Objective 6.
Speak with Dorongúr Whitethorn.
  • Step 1. Speak with Dorongúr
Objective 7.
Follow Elrond and Dorongúr Whitethorn to the
… (read full)
  • Step 1. Follow Elrond and Dorongúr Whitethorn
Objective 8.
Speak with Elrond and tell him what you know
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  • Step 1. Talk to Elrond
Objective 9.
Speak with Elrond and tell him what you know
… (read full)
  • Step 1. Talk to Elrond
Level 1
Min Level 1
Ered Luin Introduction
Repeatable No
Faction FrP
Instanced Yes


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