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Instance: The Morroval-outcasts

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You have travelled to an ancient forge where some of the finest weapons in Moria were once crafted, but a band of merrevail driven out of their own caverns have begun raiding it and making off with the tools and materials inside. You must defeat the merrevail and recover the stolen tools before they strip the forge bare if you wish to be able to empower the gem you carry.


Objective 1.
You must defeat the morroval-robbers and reco
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  • Step 1. Turn in Stolen Forge Tool
  • Step 2. Defeat the morroval-mistress
Objective 2.
Use the ancient forge to empower your infused
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  • Step 1. Use Ancient Anvil
  • Step 2. Turn in Infused Sapphire
Level 57
Min Level 52
Repeatable No
Faction FrP
Instanced Yes


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