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Instance: The Mithril-slaves

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You were told of a long played-out mithril-mine within which an ancient smelting-forge lies. Within it, you should be able to lay the basis for the quality you seek. However, a vicious band of Orcs has enslaved their own goblin brethren to eke out the remining tailings from the mine, making it difficult to reach the forge.


Objective 1.
You must find enough fragments of mithril ore
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  • Step 1. Turn in Mithril Ore Fragment
  • Step 2. Defeat Mine-overseer
Objective 2.
Use the ancient forge and the mitrhil ore-fra
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  • Step 1. Use Ancient Anvil
  • Step 2. Turn in Infused Garnet
  • Step 3. Turn in Mithril Ore Fragment
Level 54
Min Level 49
Repeatable Yes
Faction FrP
Instanced Yes


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