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Instance: A Minstrel’s Hope

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You have travelled to a nearby cave with Leigh Putnam to help raise the spirits of the refugees seeking shelter within and convince them that Trestlebridge would be a safer place to hide.


Objective 1.
Leigh Putnam is just inside the entrance of t
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  • Step 1. Talk to Leigh Putnam
Objective 2.
The refugees are hiding in the back of the ca
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  • Step 1. Talk to Ford Beecher
  • Step 2. Talk to Gail Beecher
  • Step 3. Talk to Lind Newell
Objective 3.
Severin Wheeler has arrived in the cave with
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  • Step 1. Talk to Severin Wheeler
Objective 4.
Leigh Putnam is inside the refugee cave.You h
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Level 30
Min Level 30
Repeatable No
Faction FrP
Instanced Yes


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