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Danger in the Hills

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The Ranger Himeinior was disturbed by the crushed boulder and skeleton you discovered while patrolling the Gloomglens.

Starts at: Himeinior (NPC)


Objective 1.
The footprint you found lies to the west of E
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  • Step 1.
  • Step 2. Return to the site of the first footprint
Objective 2.
The second footprint lies to the south of the
… (read full)
Objective 3.
The third footprint lies to the west of the s
… (read full)
Objective 4.
The fourth footprint lies to the west of the
… (read full)
Objective 5.
The fifth footprint lies to the south-west of
… (read full)
Objective 6.
The creature’s lair lies to the north-west of
… (read full)
Objective 7.
Himeinior is at Echad Idhrenfair, north-east
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Given by
Himeinior (NPC)
 63.46S, 21.46W
Enedwaith >> Gloomglens
Level 65
Min Level 60
Repeatable No
Faction FrP
Instanced No

Lorebook Link


+1200 with The Grey Company

Item Advancement Experience

Destiny Points:

Golden Token of the Wilds

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