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A Charitable Spirit

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Daley Utteridge has a great deal of good will towards the very poor in Winter-home, but sadly nothing to give. You are moved by his plight.

Starts at: Daley Utteridge

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thanks to: Beleglin
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thanks to: Beleglin
NPC: Daley Utteridge image 3 thumbnail 
thanks to: Beleglin


Objective 1.
The beggars can be found throughout town, and
… (read full)
Objective 2.
Daily Utteridge is in the workers’ area in Wi
… (read full)
  • Step 1. Tell Daily Utteridge that he inspired you to give away your hard-earned coins

Additional Information

  • Beleglin comments: The beggars might not be at their position because players drove them away for the quest Moving them off. Just wait a few seconds before they respawn. WARNING: you will lose 10 Frostbluff coins for this quest, but this quest counts towards the hidden deed.
Given by
Daley Utteridge
Level 10
Min Level 10
Yule Festival
Repeatable Yes
Faction FrP
Instanced No


Lorebook Link


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One Response to A Charitable Spirit

  1. jamie says:

    Missed this deed. Just realized this while chatting with some fellow snowball fighters.

    I did it only once or twice at the start of the festival, then thought it was a waste of FB coins, and skipped it as suggested by some online guide.

    The 24h quest cooldown, and the fact that it’s only a few more days before Yule ends, means no title. It’s sad for a completionist like me, but no biggie, I’ll just have to wait one year later.

    That is, assuming I will still be playing LOTRO by then.

    This Yule festival is not very well planned I think. Except for the Theater, most other events and quests are poorly implemented and quite frankly, tedious and boring. I only started playing since Oct 2010, so I can only compare my experience in Harvestmath 2010 with Yule 2010. I heard from more veteran players that Beer Bash was quite fun – too bad it was removed from Yule this year.