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Vol. I, Prologue, Instance: The Hideout

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Toradan sent you to Skunkwood’s hideout to rescue Amdir and put an end to the Blackwolds’ mischief.


Objective 1.
Speak to the Blackwold guard. If your ruse is
… (read full)
  • Step 1. Speak to the Blackwold guard
Objective 2.
Skunkwood resides somewhere within the hideou
… (read full)
  • Step 1. Talk to William Skunkwood
Objective 3.
Amdir lies in the dungeons at the far end of
… (read full)
  • Step 1. Search for Amdir
Objective 4.
You have discovered Amdir and found that he h
… (read full)
  • Step 1. Talk to Amdir
Objective 5.
An old woman in the back of the cell that hel
… (read full)
  • Step 1. Speak with the old prisoner
Objective 6.
Try to help Toradan defeat Amdir.As neared th
… (read full)
  • Step 1. Aid Toradan
Objective 7.
After helping Sara Oakheart out of the Blackw
… (read full)
  • Step 1. Speak to Toradan
Objective 8.
Toradan spoke about Amdir trying to kill the
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  • Step 1. Speak to Sara Oakheart
Epic – Vol. I, Prologue
Level 10
Min Level 6
Bree-land Epic Prologue
Repeatable No
Faction FrP
Instanced Yes


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