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Materials for our Weapons

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Now that you have dealt with the local wildlife, Nos Grimsong has asked you to help with restocking supplies for Frerin’s Court.

Starts at: Nos Grimsong (NPC)


Objective 1.
The minerals can be found in the Silver Deep,
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  • Step 1. Gather minerals
Objective 2.
Nos Grimsong is in Frerin’s Court, west of th
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  • Step 1. Talk to Nos Grimsong at Frerin’s Court
  • Step 2. Turn in Minerals
  • Step 3. Turn in Worn Miner’s Pick
Ered Luin
Given by
Nos Grimsong (NPC)
Level 1
Min Level 1
Repeatable No
Instanced No

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Select one of:
Mended Dwarf-make Leather Shoes
Tattered Dwarf-make Cloth Shoes

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