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Challenge: Kranklûk (Daily)

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The Forges of Khazad-dûm, once a glorious smith-hall for the Dwarves of Moria, have fallen into evil hands. The Forges now serve the Orc-masters of Moria and are used to build all manner of weapons and war-machines for an assault against fair Lothlórien. Brogur and Bósi’s dwarves, wishing to reclaim Moria, intend to prevent this at any cost, for they would see the Elves and dwarves reinstate old alliances for the good of both peoples.


Objective 1.
The Forges of Khazad-dûm are to the south-wes
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  • Step 1.
  • Step 2. Defeat Narkû to alert Kranklûk of your presence
Objective 2.
Kranklûk is in the heart of the Forges of Kha
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Dungeons of Moria
Level 60
Min Level 55
Repeatable Yes
Faction FrP
Instanced No

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Item Advancement Experience

Medallion of Moria (x3)

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