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Cache and Carry: Hidden Lore

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Amarion has told you of a particularly valuable hidden cache secreted within the Black Dens — unfortunately this was before it was overrun by the deadly Shadow Wolves. If you can recover the Weapon-lore scrolls hidden away within, it would be a considerable boon to the Grey Company.

Starts at: Amarion (NPC)

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thanks to: Silriel
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thanks to: Silriel
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thanks to: Silriel


Objective 1.
Amarion has pointed you to a cache of weapon-
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  • Step 1.
  • Step 2. Use Wayfarer’s Rune
  • Step 3. Find the hidden rune
Objective 2.
Amarion said the cache of weapon-lore scrolls
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Objective 3.
Amarion is at Echad Dagoras, north-west of th
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Given by
Amarion (NPC)
 58.69S, 14.56W
Enedwaith >> Fordirith
Level 65
Min Level 60
Repeatable No
Faction FrP
Instanced No

Lorebook Link


56 70

+1200 with The Grey Company

Item Advancement Experience

Golden Token of the Wilds

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