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Another Brother’s Sorrow

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Áskell, at Gondamon, told you that one of his Gellir’s company left a brother of his own behind. Sigurdór, the brother left behind, has gone to Kheledúl seeking his own vengeance. Áskell asked that you seek him out as the port has been overrun and it’s dockmaster deposed to a tower on the outskirts of the port.

Starts at: Áskell (NPC)


Objective 1.
Sigurdór is at a tower along the road to Khel
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  • Step 1. Talk to Sigurdór near Kheledúl
Ered Luin
Given by
Áskell (NPC)
Level 6
Min Level 6
Sundered Shield
Repeatable No
Instanced No

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