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In a Spot of Trouble

Starting at:

Alf Earthenway (Hobbit)

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Quest Description:

Alf Earthenway was out for a leisurely stroll when goblins found him and dragged him to the north. He has spent the time since his capture cooking for the goblins as they think he makes the tastiest food. It was the only thing that he could do to prevent the goblins from eating him.

Objective 1
Alf Earthenway is at Grothum.

Alf Earthenway asked you to help him escape from the goblins.
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Objective 2
Marigold Winterdown is at the hobbit-village of Hoarhallow, found on the western edge of the Grimwood Forest in Hithlad. The village is found on the shores of the Hoarwell River.

Alf is free, but before he left you, he asked that you inform Marigold Winterdown that he would be returning to work at the bakery in Hoarhallow shortly.
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