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Impure Waters

Starting at:

Harthadril (NPC)

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Quest Description:

Harthadril is worried about the corruption of the waters of Glinghant and wants them cleansed.

Objective 1
The entrance to Glinghant is located in the court of Clorhir, in Annúminas. Glinghant consists of several terraces, and every terrace supports a pool of water.

Harthadril has asked you to pour some water from the phial of clean water she gave you into each of the terrace pools in Glinghant.
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Objective 2
Ranger Harthadril is likely in the court of Clorhir in front of the entrance to Glinghant. If she is not, you can speak with Captain-General Daerdan at Echad Garthadir.

You have purified the three terrace pools of Glinghant using the phial of clean water given to Harthadril by Gwindeth, the Blue Lady of Nenuial, and should now return the phial to the Ranger.
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