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Homesteads of Eriador

Starting at:

Ísleif (NPC)

NPC: Ísleif (NPC) image 1 thumbnail 
thanks to: Silriel
NPC: Ísleif (NPC) image 2 thumbnail 
thanks to: Silriel
NPC: Ísleif (NPC) image 3 thumbnail 
thanks to: Silriel
Quest Description:

With the rumours of war, the encroaching enemy driving the inhabitants out of the rural areas of Eriador, and further strife drawing settlers up from the southern lands, smaller communities are springing up in the North. An agent you encountered has suggested you might take the opportunity to purchase your own home by speaking to one of the brokers that can be found near the major communities throughout Eriador.

Objective 1
Speak with one of the housing brokers that can be found in Eriador.

These housing brokers can be found:
- Across the river from Duillond
- Across the river, west of Thorin's Gate
- South of Michel Delving
- South-east of Staddle
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