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A Matter of Knowledge

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Maegamiel (NPC)

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The Library at Tham Mírdain has stood long as a repository of the accumulated knowledge of the Noldor in Eregion. When war came to these lands, many of the works of these ancient Elves were lost to theft or destruction. It is possible, however, that some tomes are unmarred from the scars of battle, not yet touched by the stain of time or the destruction wrought upon the land. Even now, the Enemy delves through the rubble and remnants of the great halls of the library for secrets that have lain long dormant.

Objective 1
The Library of Tham Mírdain is south and a little west of Echad Mirobel.

As you work towards cleansing the Library of Tham Mírdain, Maegamiel has asked that you keep a watchful eye for any tomes which may still be intact. These books should be collected and returned to Maegamiel.

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