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Goblins in the Valley

Starting at:

Ingólfr (NPC)

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Quest Description:

Ingólfr is tired of dealing with the goblins of Rath Teraig, which have become more aggressive of late.

Objective 1
Gazrîp can be found beyond the barricade south of Ingólfr's camp deep within the goblin camps.

Ingólfr has asked you to enter Rath Teraig and deal with the goblin-leader Gazrîp, in hopes that his death will teach the goblins to keep away from the barricades long enough for the winter snows to fill the pass.
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Objective 2
Ingólfr is at his camp beyond the barricade at the northern entrance to Rath Teraig.

You should return to Ingólfr and tell him of your battles against the goblin-leader in Rath Teraig.
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