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Giant Country

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Gwaemithrin (NPC)

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Gwaemithrin has sent you on a mission of peace to the giants of the Misty Mountains.

Objective 1
The Giants' Table is south of the pass of Rakhâs-bizar, east of the guarded pass of Gabilazan.

Gwaemithrin has sent you to the Giants' Table in the Misty Mountains to treat with the giants and find out why they have come down into the Trollshaws.
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Objective 2
The scout Gwaemithrin is in the highlands north and east of Rivendell at a camp established by the Dwarves.

You found the Giants' Table, but the giants there attacked without warning. They have lost their respect for the old ways, and the Giants' Table is no longer a place of peaceful negotiation. You should return to Gwaemithrin with the news.
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