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Further Upstream

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Thorod (NPC)

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Thorod is worried this is a much bigger issue and wants to enlist the help of the Elves in Gath Forthnír to solve this mystery.

Objective 1
Fimreg is at Gath Forthnir, north and east of Myrkworth.

Thorod has asked you to speak with Fimreg in Gath Forthnír. He is worried about his findings but will not say why.
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Objective 2
Urugarth is to the west of Gath Forthnír and north of Imlad Balchorth.

Fimreg believes that a large creature of some kind is poisoning the waters. If such a beast exists, proof of it will be found upstream in Urugarth.
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Objective 3
Fimreg is at Gath Forthnír, in eastern Himbar, east of Urugarth.

You found a curious bony hook, like a claw or beak but not resembling part of any animal you have ever encountered before.
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