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Fiendish Foes

Starting at:

Lieutenant Ingi (Dwarf)

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Quest Description:

Lieutenant Ingi explained that the Snowreap goblins are the same who inhabit Goblin-town and the bulk of the Misty Mountains. He knows that they are an ally to Angmar and wants to see their numbers culled.

Objective 1
There are Snowreap-guards and sappers at Grothum, north of Ost Ringdyr.

Lieutenant Ingi wishes to cull the Snowreap goblins from the Ettenmoors and weaken the forces which Angmar can bring to bear agains the Free Peoples.
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Objective 2
Ingi is at Ost Ringdyr, south of Grothum.

With the goblins dispatched, the time has come to return to Ingi.
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