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A Hike Like No Other

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Sergeant-at-Arms Ascwyn (Race of Man)

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Quest Description:

The Ettenmoors has several locations which allow for an advantage over the foe.

Objective 1
The Grimwood Lumber-camp is west of Glân Vraig. Lugazag is west of Glân Vraig, on the west side of the Hoarwell. The Isendeep Mine is far to the northwest of Glân Vraig. Tol Ascarnen is south of the Isendeep Mine, northwest of Glân Vraig. Tirith Rhaw is east of Tol Ascarnen and north-west of Glân Vraig. Observe your map to see who currently controls the location. Red locations are held by the Enemy, and blue by the Free Peoples.

Sergeant-at-Arms Ascwyn explained that the contested locales throughout the Ettenmoors hold some manner of importance to the Free Peoples and the forces of Angmar and suggested that you visit each.
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Objective 2
Sergeant-at-Arms Ascwyn is at Glân Vraig within the Coldfells.

You have found your way through the Ettenmoors and located the Grimwood Lumber Camp, Lugazag tower, Isendeep Mine, Tol Ascarnen and Tirith Rhaw. Now you should return to Glân Vraig and speak with Sergeant-at-Arms Ascwyn.
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