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Eliminating the Beasts

Starting at:

Lovenol (NPC)

NPC: Lovenol (NPC) image 1 thumbnail 
thanks to: Silriel
NPC: Lovenol (NPC) image 2 thumbnail 
thanks to: Silriel
Quest Description:

Foul, corrupted beasts of all kinds wander the ruined and crumbling streets of Fornost, twisted and unnatural mockeries of the wildlife of the North Downs. These creatures pose a threat to all that lives in the surrounding lands.

Objective 1
Corrupted bears, boars, and aurochs roam the ruined streets of Fornost.

Dismayed by the corruption brought about by the Angmarim, Lovenol has asked you to destroy the twisted bears, boars, and aurochs in Fornost before they can be released into the wild.
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Objective 2
Lovenol is at the camp of the Free Peoples at the southernmost reaches of the city of Fornost.

Lovenol will be relieved to learn that you have succeeded at the task she set you.
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