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Elessar and Undómiel

Starting at:

Tuilinn (NPC)

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Quest Description:

Tuilinn is surprised that you did not know the full story of how a Man, even one as respected as Aragorn, was able to successfully court a high-born Elf-lady like Arwen.

Objective 1
Tuilinn has sent you to three Elves who each know an aspect of the tale of the romance of Elessar and Undómiel.

From Cerin Amroth, Pennasseth can be found to the south-west at Cerin Nauth. Naeris is in a the Peaceful Glade, due east. Meluibrennil is in Bain Gwaloth a short ways to the south-east.
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Objective 2
Tuilinn awaits you atop the flet at Cerin Amroth.

You should return to Tuilinn now that you have heard the tale of Elessar and Undómiel.
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