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Defence of the Lumber-camp

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First Marshal Núrdram (Elf)

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Quest Description:

Once a harvesting location for the Hobbits of Hoarhallow, the Grimwood Lumber-camp now offers equipment for refining and preparing the wood needed to build palisades throughout the Ettenmoors. Lieutenant Swithulf knows that retribution will come in the form of an assault from Gramsfoot.

Objective 1
Stay within the area of the Grimwood Lumber-camp and defeat the enemy out of Angmar.

First Marshal Núrdam believes that the Free Peoples can achieve victory with your assistance at the Grimwood Lumber-camp and has asked that you stay and fight to defeat the foe when they come. If Ambeng or Lugazag falls, report to Captain-General Tordúr at Glân Vraig.
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Objective 2
First Marshal Núrdram is at the Grimwood Lumber-camp. If Núrdram fell in battle or the Lumber-camp has fallen to the enemy, make your way to Glân Vraig and speak with Captain-General Tordúr.

Though it was a hard-fought battle, you made your stand and have earned your reward.
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