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Crannog's Fifth Challenge

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Crannog (NPC)

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At the behest of Crannog, you fought and defeated three of Aughaire's strongest warriors for the right to represent the Trév Gállorg in the Clúcath, but one more test remains.

Objective 1
Nekhtan goes to train at a great tree east of Aughaire. Crannog told you to leave the settlement by the north, and to then turn east and follow the line of the hills until you see the tree in a basin to the north.

Crannog told you the story of Nekhtan, the greatest warrior of the Trév Gállorg, whose father was slain in the last Clúcath, where the Trév Duvárdain listened to their Angmarim masters and violated the rules of the rite. You are tasked with defeating him for the right to represent the Trév Gállorg at Clúcath.
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Objective 2
Crannog is at his ruling-seat, west of the central island in the settlement of Aughaire.

You have defeated Nekhtan and should bring word of your success to Crannog.
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