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Confront the Old Took

Starting at:

Adelard Took (NPC)

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Quest Description:

Nothing you have done for Adelard Took has appeared to have any effect whatsoever on the \qghost\q in Adelard's library.

Objective 1
The ghost's presence is strongest in the far corner of Adelard's library, near the small bookshelf.

After all else failed, Adelard Took has asked you to enter his library and confront the ghost of the Old Took.
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thanks to: Beleglin

Objective 2
Adelard Took is outside the library in the Great Smials.

In confronting the "ghost" in Adelard Took's library, you discovered that it was nothing more than a squirrel hiding behind the bookcase. You should tell Adelard that it is safe to return to his library.
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