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Cleansing the Hoarwell

Starting at:

Captain-General Tordúr (Elf)

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Quest Description:

Captain-General Tordúr explained that scouts near Tol Ascarnen have seen a number of Angmar's servants dumping the contents of barrels into the river. Drawing water from the river shows that the river is slowly being poisoned. If this is allowed to continue, then the hobbits at Hoarhallow will certainly perish.

Objective 1
The poison was introduced to the Hoarwell at the waterfall overlooking Tol Ascarnen, in the central area of the Ettenmoors. Northwest of Glán Vraig.

Captain-General Tordúr asked you to make your way to the top of the waterfall overlooking Tol Ascarnen to assist in cleansing the poison that the goblins of Angmar introduced into the Hoarwell River.
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Objective 2
Captain-General Tordúr is at Glân Vraig.

You should return to Captain-General Tordúr with news of your success.
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