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Chieftain Gûrsh

Starting at:

Ornras (NPC)

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Angmarim scour Eregion in search of any remnants of the past that may further strengthen their forces. The small band of Elves found at Echad Mirobel wish to preserve the ruins as they are, and have asked you to assist them in this mission.

Objective 1
Chieftain Gûrsh, leader of the northern forces of Angmar, can be found in the Library at Tham Mírdain, just to the south-west of Echad Mirobel.

Ornras of Echad Mirobel has asked you to take a small band of fighters and unseat Chieftan Gûrsh, which will hopefully weaken the enemy presence from the north without drawing the attention of the south. Enemies have been scavenging the Library for forgotten history that might be useful to their cause.
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Objective 2
The Elf Ornras can be found at Echad Mirobel in the Mirobel region of Eregion, just to the north-east of the Library at Tham Mírdain.

You should return to Ornras and inform him that Chieftain Gûrsh is no longer the head of the forces of the north. This will be good news for the Elves, who wish to preserve their havens of old from the claws of the enemies from the north and south.
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