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Breaking the Front Lines

Starting at:

Celephadh (NPC)

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A great host of Orcs spilled through Ram Dúath, driving the Men of the North Downs from their farms. Esteldín, home of the few remaining Dúnedain of the North, was spared discovery. It is from there that the Rangers begin to plan their counter-offensive against the black tide of Angmar.

Objective 1
The goblin-taskmaster patrols the goblin-camps on the outskirts of the Orc-host in Dol Dínen.

Celephadh congratulated you on your efforts against the goblins of Dol Dínen, but told you that their will had not been broken. He has asked you to cut the one last thread holding them together: the goblin-taskmaster who leads them.
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Objective 2
Celephadh awaits your return at Esteldín.

You found and defeated the goblin-taskmaster among the goblin-camps in Dol Dínen. Celephadh will be eager to hear the results of your raid.
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